1 – The Aviaco Staff is an entity with sovereign decision-making and to take any decision it believes appropriate for the proper performance of the airline.

2 – All decisions of the Staff shall be binding and no appeal to any decision by this.

3 – Staff will accept suggestions to any subject and these were taken under study, and response to them as soon as possible

4 – The penalties resulting from a bad performance or bad faith on the part of some member of Aviaco be decided exclusively by the Staff. Hearing many written submissions have referred the parties involved.

5 – All members of Aviaco scrupulously respect the decisions of Staff.

6 – The Staff will be available at all times by members of the airline for any question or suggestion there. As for measures that suggestion to the Staff upon our members deem appropriate.

7 – All pilots undertake a minimum of three flights per month required on IVAO or VATSIM networks.

In the case of non-compliance with the mandatory monthly three flights without express authorization Staff following the request by the pilot, this need not be consulted because of their inactivity, and its low recidivism reason the company.

8 – 100% of flights are made shall be binding realized within the IVAO flight network, and is mandatory for all flights fill the appropriate report from the Aviaco web a PIREP (PIlot REPort), in case of flying with VATSIM do not complete PIREP.

9 – The promotions within the airline derive hours of flight, or promotion in the Air Bilbao school.

10 – It scrupulously review and random flight plans for pilots, as well as the one obtained during flights. If any abnormalities are observed or failures or security protocols flight the pilot will be sent a notice to review their mistakes.

11 – A pilot with observed failures reiterates its interest in carrying out their work according to these rules shall be punished with one month of inactivity, and in the case of not correcting the way they act, will be dropped from the company.

12 – If it would reiterate its malpractice discharged and dismissed from the airline.

13 – will not be accepted attitudes of contempt for other airlines, nor swearing, or racial type messages and / or political, at the discretion of staff leaving the penalty to be submitted to any member who fails to comply with that described in this .

14 – Any dispute between members of the Staff Aviaco will act as a mediator and if necessary a judge, whose decision shall be final and binding.

15 – All Aviaco pilots are responsible to make a proper flight plan seeking maximum returns within flight safety for our company.

16 – is an essential condition for any member of Aviaco be registered on the forum through which we communicate together. The inclusion of new members in the forum should be authorized by the administrator, being able to record only Aviaco pilots.

17 – When you sign up in Aviaco, you associate the Student Pilot range of the company, having to make the flight hours required to climb the ladder.

In the event that a new member is deemed ready enough to gain category directly, must demonstrate the required flight hours for the requested range, as well as send the report of an IFR flight between two airports, carrying a minimum SID, STAR, APP published and a plane jet or turboprop twin-engine minimum.

18 – All members are required Aviaco be aware of any NOTAM is issued, leaving these NOTAM available for reading in the forum of the company.

19 – All members are required Aviaco know and respect the regulations. Failure to observe this point may result in reprimand or other action that the staff decides to run.

20 – No member of staff of another company may be Aviaco pilot, with the exception of the founders of Aviaco and the Staff of Aviaco who can be determined without affecting the company.

21 – Aviaco intended to be an airline where the quality of our drivers is the main thing, so if the Staff determines that a pilot does not have enough knowledge to safely fly his plane, will be sent to school mandatory for proper pilot training .

22 – To keep records of drivers with little interest, within 7 calendar days from the day following the receipt of the request, the registration process in Aviaco must be 100% complete, otherwise it will be given off automatically to the applicant.

This process involves high complete the following steps:

-Presentation in forum

-Accept Aviaco VA-IVAO-System request (not required for VATSIM)

-Inform to Staff the plane that you fly

-Send the PIREP to IVAO VA-System in Aviaco (for VATSIM notify the Staff for review in VATAWARE)

23 – Pilots can use Aviaco fleet aircrafts or equivalent

24 – The pilots dismissed from the company not be able to be Aviaco members and those requesting voluntary redundancy will not be able to reapply for discharge until after 2 years from the petition of the sign out.

25 – Only allow pilots of Aviaco entered in a maximum of 2 Aviaco companies including his own.

26 – The deactivation of the IVAO or VATSIM account inactivity or voluntarily without notifying Aviaco-LAV will be cause for immediate termination of the company.

27 – Once you have read and accepted these rules, the applicant must complete the application by the company by clicking here.